Nissan CVT Transmission: 10 Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

Nissan CVT Transmission Problems

Multiple Nissan vehicles have had ongoing transmission issues that have caused shuddering, hesitations, slipping, and loss of power, particularly in models with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Among the models known to experience CVT issues are the 2014-2018 Rogue, the 2015 Rogue Select, the 2015-2018 Nissan Pathfinder, the 2022–2024 Sentra, the 2019–2024 Altima, the 2017–2029 Maxima, and other Nissan models.

Nissan has issued multiple warranty extensions to allow dealerships to repair car owners’ vehicles. However, if Nissan CVT problems persist, owners in California may take advantage of the California Lemon Law to require Nissan to buy back the vehicle or replace it and refund the money the owner spent trying to repair the vehicle.

The Barry Law Firm specializes in helping Californians fight for their rights when they have been sold defective motor vehicles. Our experienced Nissan Lemon Law attorneys are dedicated to helping California consumers when unresolved transmission problems make their Nissan vehicle a lemon.

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10 Warning Signs of Nissan CVT Transmission Problems

Owners of Nissan vehicles have identified multiple ongoing problems with Nissan’s CVT transmissions. They include:

1. Delayed Acceleration.

Your car may feel sluggish when you accelerate and try to get up to speed.

2. Transmission Slipping.

If you accelerate but the car does not go any faster, the gears are slipping, causing loss of power or RPM surges.

3. Juddering/Shuddering.

This is shaking or vibrations felt through the steering wheel, floorboard, or seat of the vehicle during acceleration.

4. Loss of Power.

Failure of the CVT transmission can cause the vehicle to struggle to maintain speed, particularly going uphill.

5. Overheating.

The burning smell of transmission fluid and/or dashboard warning lights should warn you of overheating.

6. Whining/Grinding Sounds.

These noises may indicate excessive wear and tear on internal components of the CVT transmission.

7. Reduced Fuel Efficiency.

As the faulty CVT causes the engine to work harder, the vehicle will burn more fuel.

8. Transmission Fluid Leaks.

Reddish fluid found underneath your vehicle is an indication of transmission trouble.

9. “Check Engine” Light.

Do not ignore a dashboard warning that may mean your transmission is about to fail.

10. Premature Failure.

A properly maintained Nissan transmission should last up to 100,000 miles or more. Canada’s Automobile Protection Association (APA) found that, since 2010, Nissan’s CVT transmission failure rate during the warranty period and shortly after was nearly 6%.

California’s Lemon Law Implications

Under the California Lemon Law (Civ. Code, § 1793.2 et seq.), a motor vehicle is a “lemon” if a mechanical problem:

  • Substantially impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle,
  • Is covered by the manufacturer’s new-vehicle warranty
  • Is not caused by unauthorized or unreasonable use of the vehicle after sale, and
  • Has not been resolved after a reasonable number of repair attempts.

A faulty CVT transmission in a Nissan vehicle that cannot be repaired would likely qualify the vehicle as a lemon.

Under the law, the owner of a lemon may seek:

  • Buyback: The manufacturer must refund the purchase price of the vehicle, minus a reasonable amount for the use of the vehicle since the purchase date, and pay off the balance of any loans or leases on the vehicle.
  • Replacement: The manufacturer must provide “a new motor vehicle substantially identical to the vehicle replaced” with all expressed and implied warranties that normally accompany new motor vehicles of that specific kind. In some cases, the replacement vehicle may be a later model of the original vehicle.

With either remedy, the manufacturer must also pay any sales tax, registration, and license fees and refund all incidental costs incurred by the car owner, such as reasonable repair, towing, and rental car fees.

To compel the manufacturer to abide by the California Lemon Law and refund your money spent on a Nissan with Nissan CVT transmission failure, you must file a Lemon Law lawsuit. This requires meeting several conditions prior to filing the suit, and then your suit must show that you have done everything you could to have the faulty Nissan CVT transmission repaired.

Nissan has established a team of lawyers dedicated to stopping lemon law complaints. You will need experienced legal representation to demand appropriate compensation and have the best chance for your Lemon Law claim to be successful.

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