“I highly recommend using The Barry Law Firm for anyone that has lemon law concerns! When I first started asking around about the lemon law process, many of my friends said they just did it themselves, which means they spent hours and hours dealing with customer service, lawyers, phone calls, and emails. Working and having a 1 year old did not allow me the time necessary, in addition to the fact that sounded like complete torture! There is literally nothing to lose with calling The Barry Law Firm! There is no cost to you whether you win or loose, and they do the entire process for you! There was always someone there to update me as far as the status of my claim, and were quick to respond to emails. I was so frustrated when I started having issues with my car that was only three months old, and the dealership was a nightmare to deal with; but David and his team were our saving grace and I would still be driving my broken car if not for them! Thanks so much for everything!!”

- Amanda M.

“David is truly the people’s attorney. Working in an environment where attorneys are highly present, I can confidently say that David is top tier. His intelligence, charismatic personality, confidence, and extensive knowledge of the law made this whole process a piece of cake. From day one, the in depth information and potential outcome that he illustrated came into fruition. I was able to move on with my life, all at the manufacturer’s cost. I find myself calling my friends on this behalf, hoping that someone needs representation. That’s how great David was. David is very punctual, returns all inquiries in a timely manner, and genuinely cares about you. During my case, I personally felt as if my big brother was confronting a bully that was trying to take advantage of me. David, lots of love and MUCH gratitude of taking care of me.”

- L.L.

“We were having problems with our Volvo car. We called many attorneys in LA area, but none of the them sounded confident and promising to be on our side and fights for our rights. When I called you the first time, you made me feel comfortable, explained my rights, and informed me what to expect throughout the process. I would like to Thank You for always being there for us, great communication, and prompt response. Everything happened as you told me in working with you and will recommend you to all of my friends.”

- Victoria S.

“Hello David, I would like to thank you for all of your efforts in settling my Lemon Law case. There was a time when I knew for sure that I was stuck with a problem vehicle. It seemed as though I was always at the dealer for repairs with my vehicle, and the expiration date on my extended warranty was about to expire. Not knowing what to do next, I called the manufacturer for assistance and only got more grief. Please keep in mind that these are the people that I was making payments to on the second largest purchase that I have ever made. I am so happy that I picked up the phone and made the call to you. You have helped my family not only from the financial burden of owning a problem vehicle, but you relieved me of all of the stress and sleepless nights of not knowing what to do next. I am so happy with the outcome of my case [especially when the manufacturer said I had no case] that I felt compelled to write you this short note to say: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. Thanks again David.”

- Brian

“I leased my SL 500 Mercedes Benz in 2004 and then purchased it in 2007. This car was nothing but trouble for 7 years. Since I had the car for such a long time, I had absolutely no hope that I would ever be able to get a fair settlement with Mercedes Benz. Although I am very skeptical, I decided to search for an attorney on World Wide Web. After reviewing Mr. David Barry’s website, I decided to retain him for my case since he required absolutely no retention fee. Almost immediately, he replied to my email and reviewed my documents. He accepted my case and to retain him, all I had to do was to sign a simple form of one page. Throughout the legal process, he was consistently available to respond to my inquiries about the case and explained the details of the ongoing legal events. I never had to spend any time or money on my case. Although Mercedes Benz made every effort to dismiss my case, however, because of this extensive knowledge and experience and his diligent and relentless efforts, Mr. Barry finally prevailed and Mercedes Benz agreed to buy back my car at almost the full price that I had paid for. I was compensated even for the DMV registration fees of several years. Thank you, Mr. Barry; you are awesome. In short, I recommend Mr. Barry without any reservation.”

- Hassan H.

“I’m here to say, that working with David N. Barry in the past couple of months has been an absolute pleasure. We met by fate, when I was looking for a confident and an enthusiastic lawyer who would help me fight my case against Audi. I knew that when I met him, his faith and confidence in my case would drive him to do everything he can to win it! And…I was right! After several months of battling it out with the other party, I was compensated with a nice check and my car was take back to it’s rightful owner..”

- Audi

“David was caring towards my needs through out the whole process and answered my questions at all times. I don’t think there are many lawyers like him that make you feel involved and considered, like he did. It was truly a wonderful experience and I would and will recommend him to any person who needs an amazing lemon-law layer!”

- Nina B.

“¡Recomiendo encarecidamente el uso de The Barry Law Firm para cualquier persona que tenga preocupaciones con la ley del limón! Cuando empecé a preguntar por el proceso de la ley del limón, muchos de mis amigos dijeron que lo hicieron ellos mismos, lo que significa que pasaron horas y horas tratando con el cliente. Servicio, abogados, llamadas telefónicas y correos electrónicos. Trabajar y tener un niño de 1 año no me permitieron el tiempo necesario, además del hecho de que sonaba como una completa tortura. ¡No hay literalmente nada que perder al llamar a The Barry Law Firm! no le cuesta nada si gana o pierde, y ellos hacen todo el proceso por usted. Siempre hubo alguien allí para informarme sobre el estado de mi reclamo y respondieron rápidamente a los correos electrónicos. Me sentí muy frustrado cuando Comencé a tener problemas con mi auto que tenía solo tres meses, y el concesionario era una pesadilla con el que lidiar, pero David y su equipo eran nuestra salvación y yo todavía estaría manejando mi auto roto si no fuera por ellos. Muchas gracias. ¡¡para todo!!”

- Amanda M.

“David es verdaderamente el abogado del pueblo. Trabajando en un ambiente donde los abogados están altamente presentes, puedo decir con confianza que David es de primer nivel. Su inteligencia, personalidad carismática, confianza y un amplio conocimiento de la ley hicieron que todo este proceso fuera una tarea fácil. Desde el primer día, la información en profundidad y el posible resultado que ilustró se hicieron realidad. Pude seguir adelante con mi vida, todo a costa del fabricante. Me encuentro llamando a mis amigos en su nombre, esperando que alguien necesite representación. Eso es lo maravilloso que fue David. David es muy puntual, responde todas las consultas de manera oportuna y realmente se preocupa por ti. Durante mi caso, personalmente sentí como si mi hermano mayor estuviera enfrentando a un matón que intentaba aprovecharse de mí. . David, mucho amor y MUCHA gratitud por cuidarme.”

- L.L.

“Tuvimos problemas con nuestro automóvil Volvo. Llamamos a muchos abogados en el área de Los Ángeles, pero ninguno de ellos sonaba confiado y prometía estar de nuestro lado y luchar por nuestros derechos. Cuando te llamé por primera vez, me sentiste cómodo. , expliqué mis derechos y me informé qué esperar durante todo el proceso. Me gustaría agradecerle por estar siempre con nosotros, una excelente comunicación y una pronta respuesta. Todo sucedió como me dijo en nuestra primera conversación, sin demoras ni demoras. Sorpresas. Fue un placer trabajar contigo y te recomendaré a todos mis amigos.”

- Victoria S.




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