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California Lemon Law Attorney For Nissan Vehicles

Nissan is a Japanese vehicle manufacturer that is known for producing affordable vehicles. Since 1933, the company has produced top vehicles and motors for use around the world. The company’s car models include popular SUVs like the Nissan Rogue and reasonably priced sedans, including the Altima and the Sentra. Nissan regularly competes with offerings from Toyota and Mazda.

Unfortunately, Nissans can turn out to be lemons just like any other car brands. Call The Barry Law Firm immediately if you believe your Nissan is a lemon. Our experienced team is ready to help you without charging you for our legal services. Call us today or connect with us online for a FAST and FREE consultation.

Is Your Nissan A Lemon?

Your Nissan needs to have a substantial issue that interferes with its use to be deemed a lemon. Nissan also needs to have had the opportunity to repair the vehicle multiple times at a certified dealership under the manufacturer’s warranty. If the dealer or manufacturer cannot fix your vehicle, even after multiple attempts, your vehicle may qualify as a lemon.

Defects In Nissan Vehicles That Can Warrant A Lemon Law Claim

Nissan defects that could warrant a claim include:

  • Multiple and ongoing Transmission issues causing shuddering, juddering, hesitations, slipping and loss of power (particularly with Continuously Variable Transmissions or “CVT”)
  • Engine problems including surging, stalls and loss of power
  • Delayed acceleration or “limp mode”
  • Electrical problems / erroneous warning lights
  • Defective fuel gauge / fuel system
  • Defective brake system / electronic stability control system malfunctions
  • Automatic emergency braking problems
  • Airbag sensors that could interfere with appropriate deployment
  • Wiring and electrical problems that cause stalling
  • Steering pulling / shaking / drifting at highway speeds

If you have experienced these or other problems with your Nissan, then your vehicle may be eligible for a lemon law claim.

Nissan Models That Could Be Lemons

Any Nissan can ultimately turn out to be a lemon, including:

  • Altima
  • Armada
  • Frontier
  • GTR
  • Kicks
  • LEAF
  • Maxima
  • Murano
  • Pathfinder
  • Rogue
  • Rogue Sport
  • Sentra
  • Titan and Titan XD
  • Versa
  • Nissan-Z

What To Do If You Believe Your Nissan Is A Lemon

If you think your Nissan may be a lemon, take these steps to help protect your rights:

  • Contact The Barry Law Firm immediately for a FREE consultation.
  • Collect all repair orders (request from a certified dealership if needed).
  • Save all communication with the dealership and/or manufacturer.
  • Gather your warranty, purchase agreement / lease agreement and registration.
  • Document all problems with your vehicle.
  • Keep a list of incidental costs related to your vehicle. For example, if you must get your vehicle towed because of its defects, keep receipts of those costs.

Talk To A California Jeep Lemon Law Attorney Now

Contact The Barry Law Firm today so we can begin evaluating your potential lemon law case. Our team is made up of California’s premier lemon law experts and has an outstanding track record of getting justice for consumers.

When you work with us, we will neither bill for our legal services nor take a percentage from your damages (actual damages may include down payments, monthly payments, sales taxes, finance charges, out of pocket repair costs and registration fees). Instead, we hold manufactures accountable by having them pay our costs and fees.

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