Qualifications & Requirements for Lemon Law in California


One never expects to end up with a lemon. However, this is a reality many consumers face despite carefully researching and selecting a vehicle to buy or lease. While this can be disheartening for many, rest assured that you are protected as a consumer in California when you find yourself with a defective vehicle that the manufacturer cannot fix despite numerous attempts to do so. The California Lemon Law protects consumers like yourself by helping them recover the cost of their investment.

The Barry Law Firm is here to help you with your potential lemon law case. Our firm understands how frustrating it can be to end up with a lemon, which is why our experienced attorneys help consumers obtain restitution for their defective vehicles. What is more, we do so without taking a single penny from your damages (actual damages may include down payments, monthly payments, sales taxes, finance charges, out-of-pocket repair costs, and registration fees). Instead, we hold manufacturers accountable by having them pay our costs and fees.

As one of California’s premier lemon law firms, we have helped thousands of consumers pursue justice when their vehicles have turned out to be defective. Time is of the essence; call us or reach out online today to determine if you qualify for a lemon law case!

How Does A Car Qualify For Lemon Law Case?

A vehicle must be covered by a written warranty to qualify for a lemon law case. This type of warranty is included with the new vehicle that you purchased or leased. A warranty may also cover used vehicles that you bought or leased. These could include vehicles such as dealer demonstration models, certified pre-owned vehicles, and other vehicles that may have seen some use. You may still qualify for a lemon law claim even if you bought a used vehicle.

Under Lemon law qualifications, your vehicle is covered for the duration of your warranty. Your vehicle may still qualify for a lemon law claim even if your warranty has expired. What matters most is that the problems and repairs occurred while the vehicle was still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

How Many Repairs Before Lemon Law Should Be Considered?

Before Lemon law applies, the manufacturer will need a reasonable number of opportunities to repair your vehicle. So, how many repairs should be considered before Lemon Law? A reasonable number of repairs can vary from case to case. If the defect poses a significant danger, under California lemon law, two or more attempts to fix the problem are typically considered reasonable. If the problem is less severe, manufacturers may be entitled to more than two attempts to fix the problem. In certain circumstances, if your vehicle is out of service for an inordinate amount of time, it may automatically qualify as a lemon.

Speak with The Barry Law Firm today so we can review the repair attempts and determine if you qualify for a lemon law claim.

What Are You Entitled To Under The California Lemon Law?

California has one of the most protective lemon laws in the nation. Here are some things you are entitled to receive for having a lemon vehicle:

  • Repurchase of your vehicle: This means that the manufacturer “buys back” your vehicle. In doing so, they refund you what you have paid in addition to paying off your vehicle loan (if any).
  • Incidental costs: These are expenses incurred as a result of your vehicles defect. Manufactures may reimburse towing, rentals, and related repairs.
  • Replacement of your vehicle: Manufactures may offer to replace your vehicle with another one that is of equal value or condition; however, this depends on vehicle inventory and their willingness to offer a replacement.

Are You Looking For An Attorney To Handle Your Lemon Law Case?

The Barry Law Firm can handle your lemon law claim from start to finish. Our team of experienced lemon law experts has helped thousands of consumers obtain the justice they deserve.

  • Our experienced attorneys handle all calls and communications related to your case to ensure your rights are protected.
  • Our experienced attorneys negotiate with manufacturers for a fair settlement that works for you.
  • Our experienced attorneys advocate for your rights before a judge if your case needs to go to trial.

Don’t wait any longer! Call us or contact us online today for a FAST and FREE consultation to find out if your new, certified pre-owned, or used vehicle qualifies for a lemon law claim.





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