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Porsches are among the most popular high-performance sports cars on the market. But manufacturing mistakes are possible with any Porsche vehicle. A Porsche that cannot be repaired is an expensive headache.

If you are among the California Porsche owners who have taken their vehicles to the shop repeatedly for substantial defects, we understand that it’s extremely frustrating. You should look into California’s lemon law. If your Porsche is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, California law says you may be entitled to a lemon law buyback or a replacement vehicle.

When you cannot get satisfaction from the Porsche dealership or mechanic working on your vehicle, The Barry Law Firm in Los Angeles is here to help you. Our experienced lawyers focus exclusively on California lemon law cases. If your case qualifies, an experienced lemon law attorney can file a complaint demanding Porsche buy your car back or replace it for you. If Porsche does not do the right thing, our firm will be prepared to take your case to court and demand maximum compensation for you.

Contact The Barry Law Firm today if you have a Porsche with a safety issue or defects the dealership has failed to correct. Our lemon law attorneys do not charge you any attorney fees to handle lemon law claims. California law requires the car manufacturer to pay the legal fees in lemon law cases.

What is the California Lemon Law?

California’s lemon law (Civ. Code, § 1793.2 et seq.) protects consumers who purchase a car that comes with the manufacturer’s original warranty. The consumer rights law requires a motor vehicle manufacturer to buy back or replace a vehicle if, after a reasonable number of attempts, repair work cannot resolve a problem that:

  • Is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty,
  • Substantially impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle, and
  • Is not caused by unauthorized or unreasonable use of the vehicle after its sale.

The law requires the vehicle owner to make a reasonable number of attempts to have the vehicle repaired.

Does My Porsche Qualify as a Lemon?

The California lemon law does not define what constitutes a reasonable number of repair attempts. It depends on the specifics of the car repair. Generally speaking, at least two repair attempts are usually required.

Common Porsche Lemon Law Defects

For a vehicle to qualify as a lemon under California law, the unresolved problem must substantially impair the use, value, or safety of the vehicle. Porsche models with the following types of problems may qualify for a lemon law buyback:

  • Engine problems
  • Transmission problems
  • Electrical issues
  • Brake problems
  • Steering problems
  • Air conditioning problems
  • Fuel system problems
  • Interior problems
  • Exterior problems
  • Other common defects

What Should I Do If I Think My Porsche Is a Lemon?

If you have made a reasonable number of repair attempts, and your warrantied Porsche still does not function as it should, you may be eligible for a refund of the purchase price or a replacement vehicle under California lemon law.

You should:

  • Make sure your vehicle is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Locate your purchase agreement or lease agreement and registration.
  • Document all defects with your vehicle.
  • Document all incidental costs related to problems with your vehicle, such as for towing or a rental car.
  • Gather records of at least two attempts by the Porsche dealership to repair your vehicle.
  • Save all communication with the dealership and/or manufacturer regarding the repairs.
  • Contact The Barry Law Firm for a FAST and FREE consultation about your rights under California’s lemon law regarding your Porsche.

How to File a Porsche Lemon Law Claim?

If you are working with The Barry Law Firm, we can pursue a California lemon law claim on your behalf at no charge to you.

We would be prepared to pursue a lawsuit on your behalf demanding relief under the California lemon law. The Barry Law Firm will negotiate aggressively to obtain a settlement for you from Porsche. If the manufacturer will not replace your defective vehicle or offer you an acceptable monetary settlement, we will be ready to take a persuasive case to trial on your behalf.

What To Expect from a Porsche Lemon Law Lawyer?

If the California lemon law applies in your case, The Barry Law Firm can handle your lemon law lawsuit from start to finish, including taking care of all paperwork and court filings, as well as all communications with representatives of the car dealership and the manufacturer.

We focus exclusively on California lemon law claims. Our legal team consists of attorneys with extensive knowledge of California’s lemon law and an outstanding track record of getting justice for mistreated car owners.

As a client of The Barry Law Firm, you will never see a bill for our legal services. Instead, when we hold manufacturers accountable under California’s lemon law and they pay our costs and attorney fees.

Most lemon law cases can be settled after the required exchange of evidence between the opposing sides during the discovery phase of the legal process.

Only a few lemon law lawsuits proceed to trial. Vehicle manufacturers are as averse to the costs of lengthy litigation as anyone else.  We will make sure that you know what to expect and that working with our firm is extremely easy for you.

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