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When you purchase or lease a car, the manufacturer or its representative is obligated to stand by any explicit warranties it made. If your vehicle turns out to be a lemon and the manufacturer won’t repurchase, replace or compensate you, then you should speak with our lemon law attorneys about your legal options.


List of Car Manufacturers

Click on your Manufacturer's logo to find out more information about possible issues with your vehicle.

List of Car Manufacturers

Click on your Manufacturer's logo to find out more information about possible issues with your vehicle.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Vehicle design and quality control have come a long way in recent decades. But despite the advantages of modern technology, the reality is that a manufacturer can still make a defective vehicle, known as a lemon.

No matter what brand of lemon you have, The Barry Law Firm can help with your car problems. Our experienced California Lemon Law attorneys can provide professional legal help at no cost to you. We handle claims involving all vehicle brands, including:

What to do If your vehicle has a recall

If your vehicle has a recall, it is important to take action quickly so that your vehicle is safe to drive. Under a typical recall scenario, manufacturers may want to attempt to repair the problem. It is important to keep any documents related to the vehicle recall and/or repairs. Service records and information about any repair attempts can be essential if the problem resurfaces and you need to file a lemon law claim.

We can help even if there was no recall

Your vehicle does not have to be under a recall to file a lemon law claim. Many people buy cars from dealers and end up filing lemon law claims because of significant problems with a specific vehicle. If your car is covered by a written warranty, like those that come with new and certified pre-owned cars, and you’re having problems that the manufacturer simply cannot repair, your vehicle may qualify as a lemon.

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Rest assured, our law firm will neither bill you for our legal services nor take a penny from your damages (actual damages may include down payments, monthly payments, sales taxes, finance charges, out-of-pocket repair costs and registration fees), as our fees and costs are paid by manufacturers. We will completely handle your lemon law claim at no cost to you. There is nothing to lose! Call us today or contact us online for a FREE consultation.





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