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Toyota is one of the most popular brands of vehicles in California and across the U.S. It is a well-known brand with a reputation for strong quality control. Consumers often purchase Toyota models such as the Camry because of their reliability. Nevertheless, just as with any car manufacturer, it is still possible to purchase a chronically defective Toyota.

The Barry Law Firm can fight for your consumer rights if your Toyota turns out to be a lemon. Our firm has helped thousands of frustrated Toyota-owners across California. Our experienced team of lemon law experts has helped our clients obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

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Is Your Toyota A Lemon?

Your Toyota may qualify as a lemon if:

  • It has a defect that is impeding its safety, value, or functionality.
  • The manufacturer has tried and failed to fix the problem a reasonable number of times.
  • The vehicle was covered by a written warranty (such as those that come with a new or certified pre-owned vehicle) when the problem started.

Talk with one of our experts at The Barry Law Firm today if you think you have a lemon on your hands.  We are prepared to assist you with your potential lemon law claim in California without taking a penny from your damages (actual damages may include down payments, monthly payments, sales taxes, finance charges, out of pocket repair costs and registration fees).

Defects In Toyotas That Can Warrant A Lemon Law Claim

Common problems that consumers have experienced with Toyota vehicles include:

  • Fuel pump problems and failure
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Emissions problems
  • Airbag malfunctions
  • Steering column problems
  • Wiring and electronics issues
  • Transmission troubles
  • Oil and fluid leaks
  • Power loss and stalling
  • Improperly manufactured suspension system

If you encounter these or any other problems with your Toyota, you may qualify for a lemon law claim.

Toyota Models That Could Be Lemons

Any model of Toyota could be a lemon. Some of the top models involved in Toyota lemon law cases include:

  • Avalon
  • Camry
  • Corolla
  • GR86
  • Highlander
  • Land Cruiser
  • Mirai
  • Prius
  • RAV4
  • Sequoia
  • Sienna
  • Supra
  • Tacoma
  • Tundra
  • Venza
  • Yaris
  • 4Runner

What To Do If Your Toyota Is A Lemon

It is vital that Toyota or one of its authorized dealerships was given an opportunity to fix the problem. Under California lemon law, manufacturers are allowed a reasonable number of attempts to fix the problem before deeming a vehicle a lemon. Also, Check to see if your vehicle is covered by a written warranty. New cars and used cars such as those sold as certified pre-owned vehicles will likely be covered by a written manufacturer’s warranty. It’s important to know if a warranty covered your vehicle at the time the problems arose.

Once Toyota has had more than one attempt to fix the problem, here are a few things you may do if you believe your vehicle is a lemon:

  • Contact The Barry Law Firm immediately for a FAST and FREE consultation.
  • Collect all repair orders (request from a certified dealership if needed).
  • Save all communication with the dealership and/or manufacturer.
  • Gather your purchase agreement / lease agreement and registration.
  • Document all problems with your vehicle.
  • Keep a list of incidental costs related to your vehicle. For example, if you must get your vehicle towed because of its defects, keep receipts of those costs.

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