Lemon Law for Used Cars in California

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When your used car turns out to be a lemon, it’s easy to feel like you are stuck. You may want to sell or get rid of your vehicle just to be free of all the headaches. But before you do anything, speak with a California Lemon Law lawyer about your options. A lawyer can let you know whether your used vehicle purchase may qualify under Lemon Law. If so, a lawyer can also help you demand your money back.

When you are dealing with a used car that turns out to be a lemon, The Barry Law Firm is here to help. Our experienced attorneys focus exclusively on helping consumers in Lemon Law cases. We will handle your Lemon Law claim at no cost to you. You will never receive a bill from us. We will not take a percentage of your money. Under California Lemon Law, fees and costs related to a claim are paid by a manufacturer or dealer. That means you can get professional legal help at no cost and no risk to you.

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Does California Lemon Law Apply to Used Vehicles?

Yes, California Lemon Law does apply to used vehicles. Whether your used vehicle qualifies will depend upon the warranties that came with your vehicle. If your used vehicle falls under the manufacturer’s original new vehicle warranty or was sold as a certified used car, it may qualify under California Lemon Law. To find out whether your used vehicle may qualify under California Lemon Law, speak with an attorney today.

When a Used Car Qualifies Under Lemon Law

Many people ask us, “Does California have a Lemon Law for used cars?” The state does not have a separate law for used cars, but a used car may qualify under Lemon Law if it meets certain requirements:

  • The defective vehicle has a problem that affects the vehicle’s operation or its value.
  • Dealers and manufacturers have not been able to fix the problem, despite multiple attempts. Or your car has been out of commission for a significant amount of time due to the problems and attempted repairs.
  • The used car was sold by a retailer such as a dealer, and not by a private party.
  • The vehicle is covered by a written warranty, such as those included with a new vehicle or one that is included with a certified used vehicle.

Types of Used Vehicles Covered Under California Lemon Law

Under California Lemon Law, many types of used vehicles may be covered:

  • Used vehicles covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. When a new vehicle is sold, it may come with substantial warranties that could cover the vehicle for years. If the vehicle is leased or resold within the limits of those warranties, the warranties should continue to cover the vehicle.
  • Used vehicles sold as certified pre-owned vehicles. Lemon Law covers certified used cars. When manufacturers sell certified pre-owned vehicles, they should be covered by manufacturer warranties.
  • Used vehicles that the manufacturer bought back as lemons. In some cases, manufacturers can eventually fix problems with lemon vehicles. If they resell lemon vehicles that they have repaired, they are usually required by law to provide a warranty on the vehicle.

Depending on the facts of your case, your used car may be covered by California Lemon Law. Speak with a lawyer today to review your case and discuss your options. An attorney can explain your rights under the law and fight to have your vehicle replaced or your money refunded.

What to Do If Your Used Car Is a Lemon

If your vehicle is a lemon, these tips can help you protect your legal rights:

  • Gather any records related to your purchase or lease, such as warranties, registration information, purchase agreements, and any other documents you believe may be relevant.
  • Talk with the dealer and manufacturer about the problems. Under California law, those parties can make a reasonable number of attempts to fix a problem. Keep records of these communications.
  • Collect any maintenance and repair records. These are an essential part of a Lemon Law case.
  • Speak with a Lemon Law attorney about your case. An attorney can let you know whether your vehicle qualifies under California Lemon Law and act quickly to protect you.

Talk to a California Lemon Law Lawyer Now

If you find yourself stuck with a lemon, contact The Barry Law Firm today. We know how important your vehicle is to you, and we know how frustrating it can be when a big purchase turns out badly. That is why we are devoted to helping car buyers seek the justice they deserve. With aggressive advocacy, outstanding customer service, and a reputation for making manufacturers pay, we can handle your claim from start to finish ─ at no cost to you.

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