Lemon Law for Air Conditioning (AC)

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Summers in sunny California can be brutal. The long, hot days and sky-high temperatures make it almost necessary to turn on the air conditioning to stay cool and comfortable on the road. Unfortunately, this is not possible when your vehicle’s AC is defective.

The Barry Law Firm understands how important it is for your air conditioning to work properly, which is why our expert lemon law attorneys help consumers get the restitution they deserve when they end up with vehicles with defective air conditioners.

We also know how frustrating it can be to deal with manufacturers that cannot, or will not, take care of the problem. Rest assured; our team handles the entirety of your lemon law claim, which includes communicating with the manufacturer and fronting all legal costs and fees.

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Are AC Problems Covered Under California Lemon Law?

Yes, your vehicle may be considered a lemon if your air conditioning does not properly cool your vehicle or does not otherwise operate properly.

What Do You Do If You Have Problems With A Car’s AC While Under Warranty?

  • Contact The Barry Law Firm immediately for a FAST and FREE consultation.
  • Collect all repair orders (request from a certified dealership if needed).
  • Save all communication with the dealership and/or manufacturer.
  • Gather your warranty, purchase agreement/lease agreement and registration.
  • Document all problems with your vehicle.
  • Keep a list of incidental costs related to your vehicle. For example, if you must have your vehicle towed because of defects, keep receipts for those costs.

What Are You Entitled To Under The California Lemon Law?

  • Repurchase of your vehicle: The manufacturer “buys back” your vehicle. In doing so, they refund you what you have paid in addition to paying off your vehicle loan (if any).
  • Incidental costs: These are expenses incurred as a result of your vehicle’s defect. Manufacturers may reimburse you for towing, rentals, and related repairs.
  • Replacement of your vehicle: Manufacturers may offer to replace your vehicle with one of equal value or condition; however, this depends on vehicle inventory and their willingness to offer a replacement.

Talk To A California Lemon Law Lawyer Now

Contact The Barry Law Firm today if your vehicle’s air conditioning is having problems. Our experienced team of experts has helped bring justice to thousands of California consumers who have ended up with lemon vehicles.

When you work with us, we will neither bill for our legal services nor take a percentage from your damages (actual damages may include down payments, monthly payments, sales taxes, finance charges, out-of-pocket repair costs, and registration fees). Instead, we hold manufacturers accountable by having them pay our costs and fees.

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