How Does a Car Qualify for a Lemon Law Refund in California?

California’s lemon law provides that if your motor vehicle has problems while under warranty that cannot be repaired, you may be entitled to a replacement or a refund of the money you spent to buy the vehicle.

If you think your vehicle has a serious warrantied defect that cannot be repaired and should qualify as a lemon, contact an experienced California Lemon Law attorney from The Barry Law Firm to learn about your options. We focus exclusively on Lemon Law cases. We have a thorough knowledge of the Lemon Law qualifications for cars in California and have a strong track record of holding auto manufacturers accountable.

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What Qualifications Should Your Car Meet?

California’s Lemon Law says a vehicle manufacturer may be required to buy back or replace a vehicle if they cannot repair a defect that substantially impairs the vehicle’s use, value, or safety.

To qualify:

  • The vehicle must have been bought or leased in California.
  • The defect has not been corrected despite a reasonable number of repair attempts.
  • The defect must be covered by a manufacturer’s new car warranty or a warranty that applies to a used vehicle.
  • The defect was not caused by the owner’s unreasonable use of the vehicle.

What is a Reasonable Number of Repair Attempts?

A reasonable number of repairs can vary from case to case, but two or more attempts to fix the problem are typically considered reasonable. The best way to determine whether you have made a reasonable number of attempts to have your vehicle repaired is to contact The Barry Law Firm today. One of our Intake Specialists will review the information about your vehicle and discuss in depth the details of your specific case at no charge to you.

What Should I Do if My Car is a Lemon?

If you purchased your car in California and have been unable to have a substantial warrantied problem with your vehicle repaired after a reasonable number of attempts, you may file a Lemon Law claim.

First, you should review your vehicle’s warranty to verify that it covers the issue you have been unable to repair. Then, you need to document your repair attempts.

To prepare a claim, gather these records:

  • Purchase or lease agreement
  • Vehicle registration
  • Warranty
  • Repair orders
  • Correspondence with manufacturer or dealer

Consult a Lemon Law Attorney in California

A knowledgeable attorney at Barry Law Firm can help you understand how California’s Lemon Law applies to your case. We can draft the appropriate Lemon Law filings, handle settlement negotiations with the manufacturer, and keep you apprised of what is happening in the case and what you should expect.

The dedicated and highly experienced team of California Lemon Law attorneys at The Barry Law Firm is here to help with your claim. We exclusively handle Lemon Law claims and represent all clients at zero cost. The Lemon Law says manufacturers are responsible for all attorney fees. Contact us now for a FAST AND FREE case review and to learn about your legal rights!




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