Land Rover Lemon Law Lawyer in California

Land Rover Lemon Law Lawyer in California

Land Rover has a reputation for both luxury and for building unreliable vehicles. If you’ve made multiple attempts to have a problem with your Land Rover or Range Rover repaired without success, you may have a lemon vehicle on your hands.

Contact The Barry Law Firm in Los Angeles, California today for help with a faulty Land Rover if your vehicle’s problems arose during the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty. Our experienced Land Rover Lemon Law attorneys are devoted to helping California consumers seeking to recoup money spent on motor vehicles that turn out to be lemons.

If your Land Rover qualifies under the California Lemon Law, a Land Rover Lemon Law lawyer can file a complaint against the car manufacturer and negotiate aggressively to recover the money you have spent on the vehicle.

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Common Land Rover Lemon Law Issues

Published reports indicate that the most common problems with various models of Land Rovers that might warrant a Lemon Law claim include:

  • Air suspension problems causing the suspension to sag and, in some cases, the compressor to fail from overuse
  • Head gasket failure, which can lead to engine overheating
  • Oil pans and valve covers are especially susceptible to leaking oil
  • Electrical system failures
  • Parasitic draw draining the battery even when the car appears to be off
  • Leaking sunroof, which can expose electrical components to water and cause them to fail
  • Premature brake pad wear on some Discovery and Range Rover models
  • Transmission problems, such as rough shifting, slipping gears, and transmission failure
  • Steering shaft problems manifested as a loud noise, particularly when turning at low speeds.
  • Failure of the electric parking brake module, which will cause the parking brake to stop working and trigger a light on the dash

Range Rovers made from 2000-2012 were also part of the worldwide Takata Corporation airbag recall, the largest automotive recall in history.

Your Rights Under California’s Lemon Law

California’s Lemon Law (Civ. Code, § 1793.2 et seq.) requires the manufacturer of a motor vehicle determined to be a lemon to refund the purchase price of the vehicle minus a reasonable amount for its use since the purchase date.

A car may be a lemon if, after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer and its dealership cannot resolve a problem that:

  • Began during the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty
  • Substantially impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle
  • Is not caused by unauthorized or unreasonable use of the vehicle after its sale

The California Lemon Law requires the vehicle owner to make a reasonable number of attempts to have the vehicle repaired before pursuing a Lemon Law case.

A reasonable number of repairs can vary from case to case. If the defect poses a significant danger, under California Lemon Law, two or more attempts to fix the problem are typically considered reasonable. If the problem is less severe, manufacturers may be entitled to more than two attempts to fix the problem. In certain circumstances, if your vehicle is out of service for an inordinate amount of time your vehicle may automatically qualify as a lemon.

If the vehicle’s owner chooses to have their money refunded after a successful Lemon Law claim, the payment is to include everything spent on the vehicle’s purchase, repairs and replacement when unavailable to the owner. California’s law also requires the manufacturer to pay a successful claimant’s legal fees.

The Importance of Engaging a Land Rover Lemon Law Attorney

The problems with Land Rover vehicles occur often enough to be well known, but most are not widespread enough to trigger recalls. Land Rover owners in California who are unable to get their vehicles repaired satisfactorily may have a Lemon Law case.

If you have tried without success to have your Land Rover repaired and believe it is a lemon, you should consult with an experienced Lemon Law attorney. Contact The Barry Law Firm in Los Angeles. Our experienced attorneys focus exclusively on California Lemon Law cases. California requires car owners to meet multiple requirements and complete certain steps before they can file a Lemon Law claim.

Our Lemon Law firm has the knowledge of the legal process and the resources to take on Land Rover. Our California Lemon Law attorneys are familiar with the defects typically found in Land Rovers and have experience with the corporation’s negotiation tactics. We can manage all the details of the legal process and the deadlines that apply to your claim from start to finish.

Our Clients Speak for Our Success

“… When I first started asking around about the lemon law process, many of my friends said they just did it themselves, which means they spent hours and hours dealing with customer service, lawyers, phone calls, and emails. Working and having a 1-year-old did not allow me the time … I was so frustrated when I started having issues with my car that was only three months old, and the dealership was a nightmare to deal with, but David [Barry] and his team were our saving grace, and I would still be driving my broken car if not for them!” — Amanda M.

“… I am so happy that I picked up the phone and made the call to The Barry Law Firm. You have helped my family not only from the financial burden of owning a problem vehicle, but you relieved me of all of the stress and sleepless nights of not knowing what to do next. I am so happy with the outcome of my case [especially when the manufacturer said I had no case] that I felt compelled to write you this short note to say: THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.” — Brian


What to Expect When You Contact Our Land Rover Lemon Law Lawyers

At The Barry Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA, part of our mission is to relieve hardworking consumers of the stress of exercising their rights under the state’s Lemon Law. California has strong consumer protection laws. However, car owners pursuing Lemon Law cases on their own are at a disadvantage when facing car manufacturers’ corporate legal teams who work to stop claims every day.

Our California Lemon Law attorneys will meet with you for a free consultation to assess your Lemon Law claim. Our attorneys will aggressively press to recover the money you have spent on your Land Rover vehicle.

Don’t spend any more time fighting on your own! Call a Land Rover Lemon Law attorney or contact us online today for a FAST and FREE consultation!





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