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Lemon Law

How many repairs before a car is a lemon?

Cars are legally considered lemons only after a reasonable number of attempts have been made to repair them. The law does not specify precisely how many attempts qualify as a “reasonable number.” However, California’s lemon law offers general guidelines to help consumers determine whether they have made a sufficient number of repair attempts. After qualifying consumers make a reasonable number of repair attempts, and their vehicles still do not function as intended, they are then eligible for refunds or vehicle replacements under California lemon law. The best way to determine if you have made a “reasonable number” attempts to repair the vehicle is to call us today for a free consultation during which one of our Intake Specialists will discuss in depth the details of your specific case.

How long does a California Lemon Law case take?

It’s impossible to say exactly how long your individual lemon law case may take since the timeline will mostly depend on the manufacturer of your vehicle. If you have a strong case and the manufacturer agrees to settle without too much fuss, your California lemon law claim could be concluded in a matter of four to six months. However, if the manufacturer is unwilling to settle the case without a fight, your case could take significantly longer.

The Barry Law Firm will work quickly to build the strongest case possible and push the manufacturer to do what’s right as efficiently as possible. We will keep you updated every step of the way and will always be available to answer questions.

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