Ram eTorque Issues in 2019-2023 Models

RAM eTorque Issues in 2019-2023 Models

The eTorque system in a RAM 1500 truck and other models is meant to provide more power for towing and hauling. A pickup with eTorque collects, stores, and uses energy that otherwise would have gone to waste.

As JD Power explains, a belt-driven motor-generator unit replaces the conventional alternator in a powertrain fitted with eTorque. Energy harnessed by the eTorque system powers the vehicle’s accessories and charges the vehicle’s conventional 12-volt battery. The motor generator also captures energy during deceleration and braking through brake regeneration that would otherwise dissipate as heat. That energy flows to a 48-volt lithium-ion nickel manganese cobalt-graphite battery pack to keep it properly charged.

However, multiple RAM eTorque problems, including unexpected engine shutdowns, have caused concern for RAM owners. RAM has issued a recall of RAM 1500 pickup trucks and offered free repairs. But if RAM’s eTorque problems persist, owners in California may take advantage of the California Lemon Law to require the manufacturer to provide a refund or a replacement vehicle.

The Barry Law Firm’s knowledgeable attorneys focus on helping California consumers demand full compensation under the California Lemon Law when they have motor vehicles with unresolved problems that developed while under warranty. Our experienced Lemon Law attorneys in Los Angeles are dedicated to helping affected truck owners in California if persistent problems with RAM’s eTorque system make their vehicles lemons.

If you have a RAM Truck equipped with an eTorque system and the dealership has been unable to resolve its problems, contact us now for a FREE consultation with a Lemon Law lawyer. California’s Lemon Law requires vehicle manufacturers to pay attorneys’ fees in a successful lawsuit. Our attorneys can help you pursue a claim at no charge.

Common eTorque Problems

Owners of RAM Trucks equipped with eTorque powertrains have identified multiple problems with their vehicles. They include:

  1. Sudden Engine Stalling. Vehicles may experience an engine shutdown caused by an over-rich fuel condition under certain operating conditions. An engine shutdown may cause an unexpected loss of power while driving, which can lead to a crash. An update to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) calibration software may be needed.
  2. Automatic Emergency Braking Malfunctions. After a sudden engine stall, the vehicle automatically engages the emergency brake.
  3. Electrical Gremlins. Consumers have complained that the 12-volt battery that powers the eTorque system drains quickly, causing the eTorque system to shut off or malfunction. This has reportedly affected such systems as power steering, brake assist and auto braking, blind spot detection, emergency flashers, and the infotainment center console.

Random issues. RAM owners have also reported:

  • The eTorque unit may not work in cold temperatures, and its battery will not charge properly.
  • The eTorque system will not shut down after the system has been turned off.
  • The electric motor makes loud noises or malfunctions. Motor problems can cause the eTorque to fail.
  • Incorrect battery voltage readings.
  • Defective oil pumps.
  • Malfunctions in the cooling system
  • Rocker arm problems.
  • Cylinder head failures.

When contacted, dealerships reportedly have told RAM owners that they were unable to replicate the problem or that the battery pack had died. Further, vehicle owners have reportedly been told that there are no codes in the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system (OBD) to indicate that the vehicle stalled or that other issues occurred.

RAM’s Attempts at Resolutions

RAM’s 2023 recall addressed the engine shutdown problem in 131,700 of its half-ton 1500 RAM trucks equipped with the 5.7-liter Hemi eTorque mild hybrid engine. RAM said 1,500 5.7-liter eTorque models built between June 3, 2020, and September 12, 2021, had faulty software and needed a powertrain control module calibration update to fix the problem.

Consumer complaints also exist that the RAM eTorque system has caused vehicles to shut down while in motion, which is by far the most dangerous problem attributed to it. This may lead to individual lawsuits or a class action lawsuit.

What California RAM Owners Should Do?

If you have a new vehicle with recurring problems that the dealership cannot repair in a reasonable number of attempts, you should:

  1. Document Everything: Keep all repair orders, receipts, and correspondence regarding repair work. Get your original sales and loan contracts. When you make a complaint, you’ll need to supply copies of these documents.
  2. Check for Recalls: Get familiar with the NHTSA recall search engine. By searching with a license plate number or VIN, you can learn whether a specific vehicle needs to be repaired as part of a recall. By searching with a vehicle’s year, make, and model, you can get general results for recalls, investigations, complaints, and manufacturer communications.
  3. Get to know the dealership: Work through the dealership to have repair work done and establish a record of repair attempts. When things don’t go well, stay calm and maintain a business-like attitude. Ask what you can do to help them help you.
  4. Know Your Rights: California’s Lemon Law (Civ. Code, § 1793.2 et seq.) requires manufacturers to buy back or replace a vehicle if the manufacturer through an affiliated dealership cannot repair a problem that substantially impairs the safety of the vehicle and is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Have a knowledgeable Lemon Law lawyer review your truck’s eTorque problems during a free consultation and discuss whether you have a Lemon Law case. This remedy becomes available after two or more attempts to repair an issue that may cause death or serious injury.

Contact a California Lemon Law Attorney Today

If you believe your RAM 1500 truck or another vehicle with an eTorque powertrain has turned out to be a lemon, contact The Barry Law Firm today. Our Lemon Law attorneys focus our law practice on helping consumers pursue California Lemon Law cases involving defective vehicles. We offer a free case evaluation. If you have a California Lemon Law claim, we can guide you through the Lemon Law process and help you demand fair compensation for the cost of your defective vehicle or get a replacement vehicle, as the law provides. Our experienced Lemon Law attorneys have helped many consumers across California who purchased defective motor vehicles.

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