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Dear Mr. Barry,

Thank you for your diligent work on my case against BMW. As I’m sure is very common in these cases, BMW took no responsibility for the problems with the Mini Cooper I bought from them, and denied the internal claim I filed with their headquarters. On a hunch, I decided to reach out to you to see if I had any recourse. Within days your staff replied to me that I had a solid case against them, and immediately started the paperwork to file suit against them.

Your team at The Barry Law Firm is professional, compassionate and client-centered. I was astounded at the settlement I received! I would have no hesitation in referring your services to anyone in a similar situation.

Thanks again,
Cecilia Murillo

Mr. Barry,
We received our check in the mail yesterday. I wanted to thank you and the firm one last time for your help through this matter. You were instrumental in not just handling our case, but keeping us informed and calm throughout. Thanks again for helping my family through this troubling matter. If I have any friends having thoughts of lemon law proceedings, you better believe I will refer them your way. You guys are rock stars.

Josh Amann


I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the manor in which The Barry Law Firm handled the lemon law case on my Ford F-250. Everyone involved was a great joy to work with. Not only did Dave and his team get back all of the purchase price for my truck, but also the interest that I had to pay the bank on my loan. All of my calls and emails were returned promptly and I received timely updates through the whole process. Thank you so much for traveling hundreds of miles just to meet with me and explain my options. I would definitely recommend if anyone has a lemon vehicle to call The Barry Law Firm immediately. Thanks again for all the hard work you and your team showed throughout this confusing process. You made it much more simple than I though it would ever be. “YOU GUYS ROCK”

Kind regards,

Jay Wright
Modesto, CA

I just wanted to thank David Barry for being a great attorney. I was very frustrated with my vehicle when two ford dealerships stated there was nothing they could do with all the issues I was having.

I contacted four law firms on a Saturday (midday) and they all went to voice mail except for one. I was amazed attorney David Barry contacted me within the hour. He stated I had a good case and felt confident he would be able to get me some money or maybe a buy back.
I stated I would think about it since there were a couple of more attorneys I had to speak to.

There was a second attorney that called me on a Tuesday and discussed my case and stated I did not have a case since there were not enough repairs for the same issue. I asked him how long he had been doing this and stated 20 years. The other two never called me back.

At this point I was confused if I had a case. I was amazed when David Barry called me back a couple of days later to check up on me, wanted to know if I had decided. I was unsure but felt this law firm was aggressive enough to take care of my case. I had many questions throughout the prtocess. I am a person that likes to double check on things and always have questions, David always made time to answer all my questions and it didn’t matter how small or unimportant they were, they made me feel as they were all important. They had very very great customer service which really helps when dealing with the car manufacturer (ford). I did most of my contacts through email late evenings and they would always answer usually the same day late afternoon. They really worked hard for me and I didn’t have to pay a cent.

The law firm was able to get me a buy back for my truck and was amazed with the turn out especially since another attorney had stated I did not have a case.
If I had to do it again I would not change a thing. If you plan to hire an attorney. I would say hire this one they are always available and if they don’t have the answer they will find you one as soon as possible. They made me feel like family even after everything was settled.

Thank you very much for your help!!! Hopefully I don’t have to deal with this again but if I do I know I will be choosing this law firm.

Thank you,

I was getting the runaround from Subaru, until David got involved. He was extremely professional and always willing to update me and answer all of my questions no matter how many I had. Considering Subaru, and the dealerships unwillingness to handle things in a timely manner, David moved things along as quickly as was possible. My case was somewhat unique, and I had been turned down based on that by other attorneys but David approached it aggressively and got the job done. Great experience all around. I’m in business for myself and not a huge fan of the typical attorney but David was a breath of fresh air. I will definitely recommend him to any of my friends or family with any lemon law issues. I’m finally in a vehicle that I’m happy with and I have David to thanks for that.

–C.P., Huntington Beach, CA

I have known Attorney Dave Barry since 2007 when he represented me in my first lemon law case against Land Rover. I found him to be very professional and thorough with his work on my case. I would definitely and currently do refer any and all prospective lemon law clients to Mr. Barry as I feel he fights for his clients to get the desired results.


I want to thank you for the outstanding settlement outcome you provided me with my Jeep Chrysler case. Since the beginning, you were so professional and on top of everything. All of my calls were returned within 24 hours, if not the same day. I will certainly refer you to all my friends and family, as I know they will be in great hands with you!


Working with David Barry was such a pleasant experience. I can’t express how thankful I am. All my questions were always addressed along with my phone calls, promptly answered. I highly recommend this Law Firm to all my friends, family and anyone needing reliable and professional service. The whole process took less then two months….Now those are Great results. Thank you again David Barry, it was a pleasure doing business with you!

–Carla Holguin

I am so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to have David Barry represent me in my case v. Nissan North America. Dave did such an awesome job handling my case. He returned all phone calls right away and was fast on getting my paper work processed =) I have already referred The Barry Law Firm to several friends, and let me just say not all attorneys make their customers first, but David does =) he’s an intelligent attorney, and knows your rights and makes sure you get everything you are entitled to. My case was resolved in a reasonable time and no greater then before the HOLIDAYS =) Thank you Dave, Thank you so much.

–Mel S.

I just cashed my settlement check , surrendered my lemon car to the dealership, and am finally through with arguing with the car manufacturer! HOW DID THIS FINALLY HAPPEN? I hired Dave Barry. Prior to Dave taking my case, I spent endless hours being shuffled from one AUTO person to another. They all told me there was nothing they could do, I simply did not qualify under the Lemon Law. They thought I’d give up and go away. Dave fought for me and processed my case with professionalism, caring, and extensive knowledge. He got me everything I wanted and then some. I was free to call him day or night and phone calls were ALWAYS returned promptly! They don’t come any better! I would reccommend him to everyone faced with this daunting problem.

–Cecelia S.

I am the wife of David Anderson, and you just settled our case with Ford for the 2011 Ford Explorer with transmission, sunroof, gps, radio and generally pesky rattle issues. I want to thank you for your assistance and the quick work. As you know, we visited the dealership at least 15 or more times for work on this car, and it clearly came off the line with problems. Your support and expertise made the effort to regain our lost money and time very easy. We will recommend you highly to others. Take care, and thank you again.

–Mary Cassidy, San Marcos, CA

Dear Mr. Barry

I would like to thank you & The Barry Law Firm for all of the hard work it took to resolve my claim. From the start the firm had a can do attitude which made it possible for us to reach a fair settlement in a reasonable amount time.

Thanks Again David,

–Lew A. Dillion


Many thanks for all you have done. We could not have resolved this issue with Chrysler on our Dodge Magnum without your help. You are a very kind, professional and prompt with returning calls and email’s. We will definitely contact David Barry in the future if any lemon law issues arise and we will also recommend him to all family and friends in need of a great lemon law attorney. Hats off to you David. Its been a pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you again,

–Tim and Yvonne DeSalvo Murrieta Ca

I’m here to say, that working with David N. Barry in the past couple of months has been an absolute pleasure. We met by fate, when I was looking for a confident and an enthusiastic lawyer who would help me fight my case against Audi. I knew that when I met him, his faith and confidence in my case would drive him to do everything he can to win it! And…I was right! After several months of battling it out with the other party, I was compensated with a nice check and my car was taken back to it’s rightful owner..Audi!

David was caring towards my needs through out the whole process and answered my questions at all times. I don’t think there are many lawyers like him that make you feel involved and considered, like he did. It was truly a wonderful experience and I would and will recommend him to any person who needs an amazing lemon-law layer!

–Nina Berenboym

Dealing with a lemon vehicle was one of the worse experiences of my life. The dealer kept giving me the run around so I knew I needed to seek representation. I called around to several law firms and no firm compared to The Barry Law Firm. I spoke to David Barry himself and received an over the phone consultation. He explained to me in detail the exact process and time frame. As soon as I signed with the firm he delivered everything he told me he would do in a timely fashion. I am very pleased by their service and would refer anyone who was experiencing the same issues I was.

Hello David,

I would like to thank you for all of your efforts in settling my Lemon Law case. There was a time when I knew for sure that I was stuck with a problem vehicle, It seemed as though I was always at the dealer for repairs with my vehicle, and the expiration date on my extended warranty was about to expire. Not knowing what to do next, I called the manufacturer for assistance and only got more grief. Please keep in mind that these are the people that I was making payments to on the second largest purchase that I have ever made. I am so happy that I picked up the phone and made the call to you. You have helped my family not only from the financial burden of owning a problem vehicle, but you relieved me of all of the stress and sleepless nights of not knowing what to do next. I am so happy with the outcome of my case [especially when the manufacturer said I had no case] that I felt compelled to write you this short note to say, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Thanks again David,


I leased my SL 500 Mercedes Benz in 2004 and then purchased it in 2007. This car was nothing but trouble for 7 years. Since I had the car for such a long time, I had absolutely no hope that I would ever be able to get a fair settlement with Mercedes Benz. Although I am very skeptical, I decided to search for an attorney on World Wide Web. After reviewing Mr. David Barry’s website, I decided to retain him for my case since he required absolutely no retention fee. Almost immediately, he replied to my email and reviewed my documents. He accepted my case and to retain him, all I had to do was to sign a simple form of one page. Throughout the legal process, he was consistently available to respond to my inquiries about the case and explained the details of the ongoing legal events. I never had to spend any time or money on my case. Although Mercedes Benz made every effort to dismiss my case, however, because of his extensive knowledge and experience and his diligent and relentless efforts, Mr. Barry finally prevailed and Mercedes Benz agreed to buy back my car at almost the full price that I had paid for. I was compensated even for the DMV registration fees of several years. Thank you, Mr. Barry; you are awesome. In short, I recommend Mr. Barry without any reservation.

–Hassan H. Hashemi, Ph.D.

We recently bought a brand new vehicle that we absolutely loved, but after only a month it turned out to be a lemon. Working with the dealership and the corporation behind it to try and come to a resolution on our own turned out to be a nightmare of red tape. When we realized we would be lucky to come to a resolution on our own, we searched for a skilled attorney with a proven track record for quick and easy resolutions with lemons. David Barry proved to be just that attorney for us–when he consulted us on our case, he told us up front what to expect and what kind of case we had. When we decided to hire him, he was there for us at every turn, was extremely knowledgeable, professional and very easy to work with, and he got the job done quickly and efficiently. We spoke to several friends who had also gone through the pain of having a lemon and they told us horror stories of how it took them up to 9 months, even over a year in some cases, to get to a final resolution. Not so in our situation, David Barry made the process quick and painless for us and we had our resolution in less than three months. We are extremely happy we found him and had him on our side through this nightmare and would strongly recommend David Barry for anyone dealing with a lemon–he is the attorney for the job! Thank you Dave!

We were having problems with our Volvo car. We called many attorneys in LA area, but none of them sounded confident and promising to be on our side and fight for our rights. When I called you the first time, you made me feel comfortable, explained my rights, and informed me what to expect throughout the process. I would like to Thank You for always being there for us, great communication, and prompt response. Everything happened as you told me in our first conversation without any delays or any surprises. It was a pleasure working with you and will recommend you to all of my friends.

–Victoria Slavin

David is truly the people’s attorney. Working in an environment where attorneys are highly present, I can confidently say that David is top tier. His intelligence, charismatic personality, confidence, and extensive knowledge of the law made this whole process a piece of cake. From day one, the in depth information and potential outcome that he illustrated came into fruition. I was able to move on with my life, all at the manufacturer’s cost. I find myself calling my friends on his behalf, hoping that someone needs representation. That’s how great David was. David is very punctual, returns all inquiries in a timely manner, and genuinely cares about you. During my case, I personally felt as if my big brother was confronting a bully that was trying to take advantage of me. David, lots of love and MUCH gratitude for taking care of me.

L.L., Los Angeles, CA

My experience with The Barry Law Firm was one worth telling about. I bought my “lemon” in April 2012 and am now driving my new car September 2012. David Barry was so very professional, polite, caring and attentive. I must say, there were a few times where I needed some of the paperwork broken down and explained to me in great detail and David showed no reservations in doing that. He would humbly take the time to explain any and everything that I did not understand. I felt like I was in good hands and I had total confidence in him. David made things very easy for me. I highly recommend his services! He got me all of my money back and I am completely satisfied with him and his Firm. If I ever buy a vehicle that I feel is a “lemon” I will NOT hesitate to call the Barry Law Firm! Trust me, If you have any concerns about a car that you purchased, I definitely recommend that you call the Barry Law Firm, they will not let you down!

Margaret Jackson, Moreno Valley, CA